Where the sound is...

There's no need to conceal the right sound,
is this surround sound in 5.1 format

We specialized in

We specialize in mixing any type of surround sound.
Up-mixing from mono to 5.1 format is our everyday life.

Audio editing

Editing audio - you can get a ready Avid Protools session supplemented with SFX and background effect and all sounds blocks.

Mixing surround sound

If you want a ready 5.1 mix we can encode for you what sound system you need. You will receive ready-made tracks from our server.

Start recording today. Discover a new approach to doing beautifull sound.

Each order is different and therefore we do not fall into routine.
It's not just our job but it's our passion.

Sample price list

Mixing 5.1 surround sound

Check out our prices Mix 5.1

Each work is valued individually due to the type of sound material. Below are examples of the valuation.

MIX 5.1


sound editing, + background, SFX, Mix 5.1

$ 24,99
Per  hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 12h

MIX 5.1

Standart Movie

sound editing, + background, SFX, Mix 5.1

$ 34,99
Per  hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 20h

MIX 5.1

Holywood Style

sound editind, + background,  SFX, Sound Design Mix 5.1

$ 44,99
Per hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 45h

What Our Clients Say

We accept every customer with joy and we want him to be satisfied.


Anna Brzoza

I am pleased to recommend Studio mix51.com. The work was done on time and with the best result. Both the sound-mixing of our films and animations and all audio devices now have a great sound.


Jan Zielinsky

Upmixing the sound of our old films from mono to 5.1 has been performed sensational. All synchronic effects and background sound were great. Our films have gone through all the technical requirements without any problems. I recommend honestly.

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