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Framesound Production
Science and Technology Park
Jasionka 954A # IT 1 Room 311
36-002 Jasionka / Rzeszow Poland


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Where the sound is...

We provide comprehensive sound postproduction. We offer modern editing and sound processing, we work on the world-famous Avid Pro Tools sound systems. We have certificates from Dolby and DTS 5.1 multichannel systems awarded by the BBC Abbey Road studio in London. We can work remotely - on line. We have high speed internet access and ultra-fast and unlimited tansfer.
After determining the details of what and how you want to do, we are ready to serve you. You can also send the order form. After sending the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.
We work six days a week.

  • Recording
  • MIX 2.0
  • MIX 5.1

Mix 51 Studio evolved from
the passions for... sound.
While the other departments of the company expand, this passion for sound engineering remains as the first love. We continually keep asking:
how does it sound? 

Framesound Production was founded in 1999 by experienced sound engineer and
technician Dariusz Tretowicz. It started as the audio recording studio. Over the years it developed into a Production Company launching

and completing audio and video projects for film producers & TV.

Mixing and recording departments started to operate in 2000. They are focused on creating and mixing high-quality 5.1 surround sounds and audio-video components.

In 2019 Framesound moved to a new location to expand its operational capacity. The company headquarters are now located in Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS next to international Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE). This location provides a great potential for innovations and for the new level 5.1 sound distribution



Where the sound is...

Studio Mix51 - Mix with us

Start recording today. Discover a new approach to doing beautifull sound.

Each order is different and therefore we do not fall into routine.
It's not just our job but it's our passion.

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Science and Technology Park
Jasionka 954A # IT 1 Room 311
36-002 Jasionka / Rzeszow Poland

PL +48 690 298 544

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