Audio mixing in stereo format.

In our Studio Mix51 we are trying to translate
the our experience of multi-channel mixing of sound
to stereo format.

We specialized in sound...

We are constantly learning how to make the best sound for YOU

Audio editing
and stereo mix

Editing audio - you can get a ready Avid Protools session supplemented with SFX and background effect and all sounds blocks.

Mix Stereo for  ads, recordings and movies

If you want a ready stereo mix we can encode for you what sound system you need. You will receive ready-made tracks from our server.

Each order is different, therefore we are constantly developing. Our advantage is many years of experience, and the diversity of projects has caused that we are not afraid of difficult challenges.
The most important for us is clear and readable contact with us.

Where the sound is..

We provide comprehensive sound postproduction. We offer modern editing and sound processing, we work on the world-famous Avid Pro Tools sound systems. We have certificates from Dolby and DTS 5.1 multichannel systems awarded by the BBC Abbey Road studio in London. We can work remotely - on line. We have high speed internet access and ultra-fast and unlimited tansfer.

  • Mix Stereo sound 2.0 for feature films
  • Editing special sound effects and music in 2.0 format
  • Remastering 2.0 or upmixing for 5.1 format
  • Sound design of computer games, animations and websites
  • Sound design for radio and television
  • Mix and mastering of recordings to form Audio CD

Sample price list

Mixing 2.0 stereo sound

Check out our prices Mix 2.0

Each work is valued individually due to the type of sound material. Below are examples of the valuation.

MIX 2.0


Basic editing,
MIX 2.0

$ 20
per  hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 10h

MIX 2.0

Mix 2.0 Stereo

Sound editing, + background,
 simple SFX, Mix 2.0

$ 30
per hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 20h

MIX 2.0

Mix 2.0 Movie

Sound editing for movie, + bcg,
lots of SFX, Mix 2.0

$ 40
per hour
  • movie length 30'
  • advance payment from 30%
  • work completion time from 30h

What Our Clients Say

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Miron Makuszynski

The mix I ordered to studio was very duly performed. Both the voice-over recording and the entire soundtrack for a multilingual presentation were great..


Bryan Welch

This is another film together. Thank you for great cooperation. I'm coming back and I will be coming back because I'm working here great. The best mix 5.1

Start recording today. Discover a new approach to doing beautifull sound.

Each order is different and therefore we do not fall into routine.
It's not just our job but it's our passion.

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