Where the sound is...

Sound Recordings & Lab

Framesound evolved from the passions for... sound. While the other departments of thecompany expand, this passion for sound engineering remains as the first love.
We continually keep asking: how does it sound? 

One space - many real surround sound

The complexity of sound works requires not only the best equipment,
but knowledge and experience. You can touch it at work with us.

Vocals and voice-over

Voice-over recording and vocal recording are just a part of all recordings. We also repair sounds recorded on trickie movies sets. Denoising and reconstruction of sound is also our daily work.

Editing SFX

We have been collecting a huge library of sounds for over twenty years. We are not afraid of any sound challenges. Send us a part of your movie and you'll be convinced.

Multi-channel recordings

We offer multicamera registrations of events, events, cabarets, music concerts, performances, performances, theater and other performances. We also provide multi-track audio recordings. We treat each project individually proposing an optimal number of cameras and microphones. We offer post-production comprehensively: video montage and audio mix of tracks.

Where the sound is...

Sound recordings

Recording sound requires craftsmanship and experience. But you do not need to be afraid of sound experiments. Just like the recording of actors can be done in many ways, with us you will find the best way to get the best sound.
Attention to the smallest details during recording, editing, mix and mastering.
Uncompromising quality of the final result of the recordings.
Welcome to Studio Mix51.com

  • Full sound support of film sets
  • Multi-channel recordings of musical concerts
  • Recordings of cabarets and theater performances
  • Recordings of interviews, conferences and other events
  • Voice-over recordings
  • Vocals recordings

Film sets audio recording.

Complex recording on sets of all sorts of films. Every ambiance and every dialog captured and processed.. 


Sound Studio. 

Comprehensive audio postproduction. Mix & mastering in DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1

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Concerts & Artists.

Multi-channel recordings of musical concerts and individual artists.
Audio records production.

Start recording today. Discover a new approach to doing beautifull sound.

Each order is different and therefore we do not fall into routine.
It's not just our job but it's our passion.

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