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Where the sound is...

Framesound - Studio Mix 5.1 story

Where the sound is...

Framesound Production was founded in 2000 by experienced sound engineer and technician Darek Tretowicz. It started as the sound recording studio. Over the years it developed into a Production Company launching and completing audio and video projects for film producers and TV. Electronic Production & Distribution departments started to operate in 2015. All departments and works are branded with Framesound Production.

The company headquarters and Postproducion Sound Studio 
are located in Science and Technology Park "AEROPOLIS" next to international Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE).

Each order is different, therefore we are constantly developing.
Our advantage is many years of experience, and the diversity of projects has caused that we are not afraid of difficult challenges. The most important for us is clear and readable contact with us.

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Where the sound is...

Comprehensive production and post-production of film and sound. We provide advertising, promotional, presentational, training and internet videos as well as multi-camera video recordings and multi-track audio recordings.
We have powerful experience in the field of 5.1 audio mixing.
The company has been operating for over 19 years!

  • mix and mastering cinema sound DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1
  • mix and mastering recordings for the form of Audio CD, DVD Audio and HD DVD AUDIO
  • soundtrack for computer games, animations and websites
  • dubbings / language versions
  • music recordings / voice-over recordings
  • audiobooks / radio programs / radio dramas
  • denoise and renew sounds
  • remastering from mono or streo to 5.1 surround sounds
  • selection of music for the needs of various media
  • selection of special sounds and music effects from the extensive over 20 year old sound library
  • radio and television jingles

We offer: HD image editing, color correction of image, sound and film finishes, mix and mastering of DD multi-channel audio, DTS 5.1, voice-over recordings, radio and TV spots

Where the sound is...

Drenched in a sea of waveforms,
dancing on the ebb of a digital ocean
its crests crowned with sound

pitched upon amplitude tides       
their volume compressed; 
reverberating through glass speakers
mere dots in the sands...(Qweyku)

Audio MIxing 2.0

Stereo sound recording and postproduction is a job for our sound engineers. Mixing 2.0 for every production.

Audio Mixing 5.1

Rerecording mixing in the 5.1 system, 5.1 audio editing and multi-channel sound design is our passion.

Professional Team


Dariusz Trętowicz

The Founder, CEO
Sound Supervisor

Greg Misiewicz

Management, COO
Movie Production Coordinator

Dariusz Dubik

IT & Marketing
IT Manager

Dariusz Jóźwiak

Manager, Warsaw Office
Production Manager

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